Sin Slayers - Face your Sins
Sin Slayers: Xbox One Release Trailer
Based in Kirov, Russia

Release date:
Steam: 5 September 2019

Nintendo Switch: 26 March 2020 (USA, Europe, Africa, Australia, Oceania). Asia — TBA.
Japan 8 October
Xbox One — 8 May 2020

PC / Mac
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One

Regular Price:
Steam: USD $14,99
Nintendo Switch: EUR 19.99 / USD $19.99/ 2500¥
Xbox One: EUR 19.99 / USD $19.99
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Sin Slayers is an RPG with roguelike elements set in a dark fantasy world, where your choices determine how challenging the fights and enemies will be. Create, equip and lead a team of heroes.
Enhanced Edition
Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition is an expanded version of Sin Slayers that includes all of the previously released expansions that include new locations, enemies, heroes, items, new storyline and many additional quests.
  • "Hell" mode
In Hell mode player's squad gets more experience for each completed task or victory in battle. However, opponents become much stronger, which is manifested not only in their health level and attack power, but also in additional abilities, modifiers and debuffs.

Sin Slayers is an RPG with roguelike elements set in a dark fantasy world, where your choices determine how challenging the fights and enemies will be. Create, equip and lead a team of heroes. Each unit will have its own abilities and weaknesses, so plan your combat strategy accordingly. You'll journey through stinking primeval forests, boneyards riddled with crypts and the graves of fallen warriors, and other places even the bravest adventurer would fear to tread. Battles, traps, and bizarre enemies... Everything and everyone wishes to take your life, but don't succumb to despair. Between fights your party can take their rest at a fountain, or while on the road in an old church which leaves its doors open to the weary and wounded. Travel every path and byway of the Valley, obtain new weapons on the field of battle or by fulfilling quests, gather ingredients for magical elixirs and resources to craft armor and amulets. If a certain item is beyond your crafting ability, ask the blacksmith in the Old Church for help. The best gear will allow you to challenge the deadliest
  • — 12 playable characters with their unique histories and skill sets
  • Many pixel-art stylized monsters characterized by damage, skills, and behavior.
  • — 8 regions, each of which belongs to one Sin Lord.
  • — A unique system for assessing the player's behavior in the game, called «sin-o-meter»: think carefully about your actions in the game and do not commit bad deeds. Otherwise, the power of the monsters will increase, and you will not receive additional game bonuses.
  • — Generated maps of locations with a variety of events and encounters: get ready for surprises. The Valley is full of mysteries and secrets lurking at every turn.
  • — Game regions with their own events and game conditions, monsters, bosses and the Sin Lords: explore the Valley of Fallen Sinners and their enemies, information about the game world and foes will increase the chances of winning.
  • — Personalization of skill sets and line-up of characters: choose characters and their skills and magical abilities accurately; your strategy will define the
  • outcome of the decisive battle.
  • — Enjoy: JRPG-styled turn-based battles.
Awards & Recognition
"Indie Prize Finalist" Casual Connect Serbia 2018
  • Roguelike with turn-based battles. The authors came to the competition with an alpha version, according to which it was difficult to judge the final quality of the game. What can be said for sure - the game will be very difficult, as it befits for a roguelike, although the battle system still looks straightforward.
Oleg Chimde, DTF
  • Good dungeon crawler with unusual variant of moving around the map of the area. This solution looks fresh enough. This game is only at the alpha stage now so we're eagerly waiting for the full game!
Sometimes You Playing, Steam Curator
About goonswarm
We are a team of indie developers. We make games several years and have already released Alteric and Pandarama: The Lost Toys on the Steam platform. At the moment, we working on the new project - Sin Slayers.

More information
More information on goonswarm, our logo & relevant media are available here.
SinSlayers Credits
Pavel Shestakov
Programmer, goonswarm

Denis Grukhin
2D Artist

Nikita Semakov
2D Artist

Vyacheslav Selezenev
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